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Private Executive Search
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Major Components of a
Physician Search:

Management Profile
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The Search - Research
and Candidate Development
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Private Executive Search

A Look Behind the Scenes

The Search
The Research Process & Candidate Development

To develop candidates, in addition to using our file of people known to us from previous assignments and our broad referral network, we extensively research the specialty, and contact the best people in it. We generally identify people with a connection to your region, such as having grown up there, attended medical school/residency there, or who have worked near your location in the past. We then contact these physicians directly. All these contacts are handled by the principals, rather than research associates.

In this assignment, for a hospital located in Upstate New York, we concentrated on general surgeons who were either already practicing in Upstate New York or who had ties there. 

Below is a sampling of the research that was developed during this assignment:

Edward M. Nathan, MD
2720 N Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV   89128
Phone:  702-243-8477

Born:  Utica, NY
Med School:  SUNY/Syracuse
Certification:  Surgery
Carter Jameson McCormack, MD       
158 E Main Street
Westfield, NJ   07090   
Phone:  716-326-3067

Born: Rochester, NY
Med School:  University of Rochester
Certification:  Surgery
John Muir Brown, MD
Mid Atlantic Surgical Associates       
100 Madison Ave, Ste. 573        
Morristown, NJ   07962
Phone:  973-971-7300

Born: Ithaca, NY
Med School: Cornell
Certification:  Surgery
Jayne Marie McCormick, MD  
Omaha Surgical Consultants
6828 North 72nd Street, Ste. 4400
Omaha, NE   68122
Phone:  402-572-3340

Born: Johnson City, NY
Med School:  Albany Medical College
Certification:  Surgery
Gregory Spicer Cherr, MD
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC   27157
Phone:  336-716-4241

Born: Rochester, NY
Med School:  Tufts University
Certification:  Surgery
Paul Alexander Armstrong, MD
Metrolina Surgical
602 S Sutherland
Monroe, NC   28110
Phone:  704-226-0531

Born: Syracuse, NY
Certification:  Surgery
Howard Jones Meyer, MD
4325 Grand Avenue, # 31
Duluth, MN   55807

Born: Norwich, NY
Med School: University of Rochester
Certification: Surgery
Alphonse Delucia, MD
1722 Shaffer Street, # 2
Kalamazoo, MI   49048
Phone:  616-343-1555

Born: Albany, NY
Med School:  SUNY/Syracuse
Certification:  Surgery
James Joseph Zalucki, MD
4801 Dorsey Hall Drive, Ste. 216
Ellicott City, MD   21042
Phone:  410-730-1712     

Born: Schenectady, NY
Med School:  Dartmouth Medical School
Certification:  Surgery
Lisa Marie Savoie, MD
10 Warren Rd, Ste. 350
Cockeysville, MD  21030
Phone:  410-666-8700

Born: Albany, NY
Med School:  Medical College of Pennsylvania
Certification:  Surgery
Carolyn Mary Kaelin, MD
Comprehensive Breast Health Center
Brigham & Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA  02115
Phone:  617-732-8111     

Born: Syracuse, NY
Med School:  Johns Hopkins
Certification:  Surgery
David B. Herlan, MD
7910 W Jefferson Blvd., Ste. 102
Fort Wayne, IN   46804
Phone:  219-436-2424   

Born:   Buffalo, NY
Med School:  Medical College of Virginia
Certification:  Surgery

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